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Would you like to make a donation?
Let's first think about why make a donation?, at Trackpets we work as a group of computer engineers, technicians and students who, with a vocation for service and without asking for anything in return, deliver this service to the community worldwide for free for people, which implies that we must pay all the expenses involved in having the servers running for trackpets to work, in which we pay for it ourselves. But there are times when it is not always enough for us and that is where your help is important to us.

Trackpets is a foundation or organization that without being a paid company, we do it out of a vocation for service and to go to the aid of our four-legged friends that accompany us so much in our house and was created more than anything to alleviate a little the frustration that implies that our best friend has escaped us and we can not find it, thus giving a helping hand to be able to locate it more easily through our platform.

The income from the donations goes directly to the costs involved in running this project, as well as a percentage of the income (Donations and advertising) goes to the aid of animal associations and foundations around the world.

We are a group of animalistic computer scientists who leave our daily tasks a little to also go to the aid of our faithful friends.

To donate you can do it through the Paypal button that appears below or simply write to us at: [email protected] and a member of our team will contact you to coordinate the donation.

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