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The trackpets company belongs to Trackpets Company as a community service aid company.

Conditions of service

We welcome you to Trackpets.

We are an organization that develops technologies and services to help pets worldwide, our main purpose is that there are fewer lost pets in the world through information technologies, where trackpets users can identify a lost pet through their mobile devices and thus arrive with the whereabouts of the owner, thus returning happiness to the home.
We do not charge for what you do in trackpets, however, companies pay us to be able to maintain services through advertisements, as well as receive donations from people who make all this possible due to the millionaire costs that having a tracking organization means. this guy and make it free for people.
We do not sell your personal data or share information that directly identifies you to our advertisers without your respective permission, nor do we belong to any government entity since we are a 100% private organization, therefore our company does NOT replace pet registration of each state or country as appropriate, since trackpets would act only as a "External Identifier" of the pet, therefore also it is your responsibility to register it in the pet registry according to the legislation of your country, state or county as the case may be.

The services we provide

Our mission is to make it much easier to find lost pets through our platform, where a user through their mobile device can scan the pet's QR Code and be able to find the family quickly, as also being able to share the location of this pet through the GPS of the user's mobile device through a location report, as well as knowing if the pet is effectively lost or simply belongs to that sector.

A personalized platform developed for your pet

We are the first to develop a platform that will help you find your pet in case of loss, our portal is just a grain of sand to help find it, which does not mean that we can find it, since pets are the sole responsibility of the owner in case of loss, but no one is unaware that it escapes us due to carelessness, fires, sounds of fireworks, etc...

We connect you with people and organizations that could help you

Both users and individuals will be able to scan the QR code and find the home of the lost pet without having to look for a specialized person with a chip reader to be able to find the owners at such a crucial time to be able to deliver it safely. return to your home.

We deliver a personalized page

You can complete your pet's profile with photos, a video and the necessary data so that in case of loss they can find you and deliver your pet.

We help the growth of pet adoptions

If you still do not have a pet and would like to have one, on our portal you will be able to see pets for adoption that different animal protection foundations have available, for which an exclusive platform was developed for foundations of this type.

We allow access to our services from anywhere in the world

Our services are enabled to be accessed in different parts of the world through our data centers, including regions outside of your country of residence.

Your commitments with Trackpets and our community

Trackpets services are exclusively as a means of help and the people who can use it are all people over 13 years of age, however we have a list of people who can NOT use our services such as:
·        You are under 13 years old (or the minimum legal age in your country to use our services)
·        You are a convicted sex offender.
·        We previously disabled your account because you violated our terms or policies.
·        Applicable laws prohibit you from receiving our products, services or software.

What is not allowed to do in trackpets

In trackpets it is not allowed to do the following actions:
·        Advertise using a pet profile and/or people
·        Hateful ads
·        Upload inappropriate content

In case of detecting this type of activity, the account will be suspended indefinitely with the possibility of permanent elimination without prior notice and prohibition of being able to use our services. -
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